Aerial view of existing condition.
Scale of existing buildings.

The Napa Pipe

The Napa Pipe project is a proposed mixed-use neighborhood located on an 150-acre industrial property in Napa County, approximately three miles south of downtown Napa. The former Napa Pipe property was purchased in late 2005 by Napa Redevelopment Partners, an LLC comprised of Rogal + Walsh + Mol  and Farallon Capital Management. This brownfield site was originally developed for heavy industry prior to World War II and has been underutilized for several years. The principals have been working closely with the Napa community over the past several years in an effort to revitalize this key river-front site.

The primary goals of the planned mixed-use residential neighborhood include: remediation and revitalization of obsolete industrial property for new community needs, in accordance with smart growth land use practices; providing needed workforce housing in a pedestrian-oriented traditional neighborhood format; reducing the mounting pressure for residential development on the county's agricultural preserve and existing residential neighborhoods; locating housing near the center of a major and growing employment base to reduce commuter traffic; creation of a model neighborhood, using state-of-the art design techniques for environmentally responsible, compact and efficient development.

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