Rogal + Walsh + Mol is primarily focused on acquiring properties in California with untapped potential for re-use. With extensive experience in concept development and management, architectural and neighborhood design, technical feasibility and strategic consensus building, the partners bring exceptional comprehensiveness and execution capabilities to potential redevelopment projects.

We understand and embrace land entitlement, and much of our focus over the past decade has been on this complex, value-added phase of property development. In addition, our projects have involved everything from highly sophisticated adaptive reuse applications, to the creation of master plan communities, to the design and marketing of award-winning mixed-use hospitality properties, to the creative recycling of brownfield lands.

We will acquire properties outright or work in partnership with existing landowners in a collaborative effort to create a comprehensive and appropriate redevelopment plan for a site in the context of the demands, needs and wants of that respective community and its demographic and market conditions. Our reputation and success stem from the long-term acceptance and desirability of that which we help to create, and we are therefore highly incentivized to make certain that our plans are not only well received, but financially viable.